Commercial management

Naturally, the Management Agent ensures that your building or buildings never vacant. To the best rental returns, the best possible rental price and find the most satisfied tenants, we work with a number of professionals that guarantees the rental of your property (s).

Commercial management often means anticipating changing market conditions, targeting different audiences and good putting your rental property in the market (s).

Especially for landlords who are now insufficient returns on their portfolio, our specialists can help to quickly achieve a better result.

Our package management further comprises:

  • Financial management
  • Technical management
  • Administrative management
  • Rent Disputes |
  • Maintenance
  • Property Worry

"We serve the real estate market in the broadest sense of the word '
Vastgoed zonder Zorgen provides services in the areas of sales, rental, management, finance and insurance. In addition, the company specializes in screening and collection. Vastgoed Zonder Zorgen is a combination of 123Wonen, Dé Beheermakelaar, Dé Ondernemersmakelaar, HypotheekVisie, Rentmeester Incasso and Thé Expat Agent and is thus an integral approach. The motto is not surprising, "property without worries!"

Guido van Maaren is one of the initiators of Vastgoed Zonder Zorgen. He is in Amersfoort and surrounding a well known name in the real estate industry, including as a franchisee 123Wonen. "From 24 branches we mediate in the rent and housing rentals. For both investors and housing associations but also for people who want to rent their dwelling for sale via bridging rentals based on the Leegstandwet. Through our nationwide coverage, we can be of service to our clientele in the lease or rental of one or more homes throughout the Netherlands, "he says in passionate manner. Guido van Maaren also owns three branches of Mortgage Vision in Amersfoort and Bussum. "With these two divisions, we are able to serve our clients with an integrated approach and can also optionally offer by linking to arrange financing for them."

De Beheermakelaar and Ondernemersmakelaar

Also, De Beheermakelaar is part of Vastgoed zonder Zorgen. This new hobby is one of the main activities. 'Dé Beheermakelaar has great value in both sales and management. More and more people are selling their home in their own hands by using an online broker. However, selling a house is not an everyday occurrence, and therefore one has little or no experience with it. Obviously, this does belong to our core business so we offer sellers a great value. For we are able to provide safe and secure next sale of property management and possibly also rent of houses. Obviously, at competitive prices, "Guido explained.
The name Dé Ondernemersmakelaar will speak to the imagination. This organization focuses on the mutual contacting businesses in order to increase the visibility of their company and their network. "We organize at least four times a year meetings. We also give entrepreneurs the opportunity once a year to organize a networking reception. Dé Ondernemersmakelaar helps to put down the perfect gathering. For example, with an interesting speaker, a good location or an interactive event. "

Positive developments

Guido van Maaren enthusiastically tells us about the positive developments within the real estate market. "We notice a strong trend towards a growing demand for housing and other real estate. There is a positive effect that we sell it faster than we receive in the sale. Not only the brokerage division of our company is growing steadily. It has come to the right address for every problem in the field of real estate, including sales, property valuation but also styling. We treat each question and listen very carefully to the specific needs of the customer. Indeed, we offer everything under one roof. We are successful because otherwise looking for some new freelance brokers in joining us. They should have knowledge of the area center of the Netherlands. "

Vastgoed Zonder Zorgen 

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